emotionless motion detectors

by micheal moon

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(free) 02:55


released October 13, 2007

all songs written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by micheal moon at astronaut land (new orleans, la) and viola studios (galliano, la) for spaced out recordings



all rights reserved


micheal moon New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: the island
you watched me sinking down towards you
looking up through the deepest, darkest waters you had ever seen
and i watched you drowning
i tried to reach my hand to touch you,
but i could not feel a thing
it felt like i was holding onto what it was that gave me pain
so i let go and i watched you
as you began to sink again
and i watched your body drain of its soul, spirit, and pain
and i did not even bother pulling you out of the water
that was slowly turning crimson
and of love you'd never mention again...

so now i live a lonely life without you
can't even remember your name
lying in a cold, dark room
alone, i'm crying out again
just give me love or give me drugs
not sleeping nights alone in pubs
oh, won't you please take my home
i'm gathering my things today
oh, won't you please take me away
i am losing desire to stay
and every day i'm putting faith
in some lost and forgotten place
and i know where it is floating
i am going there today
to live in a lonely place that exists far away...
Track Name: an invocation to dream
you watched me leaving the room
shining by the light of the moon
you softly heard me whisper,
"we will both be dead soon"

but if you want to stay here
well then i'll leave without you
'cause i can't take any more pain
that i have already been through

but i still lean towards hope
that one day i'll finally be free
and dream again...

i watched the shine of your tears
and wondered if your eyes could hear
if they could, then they'd hear me whisper,
"it seems we've been dead for years"

but if you want to stay here
well then i'll leave without you
because i can't imagine any pain
that i haven't already been through

but still i hope for peace
that one day we'll finally be free
and dream again...

don't lose your mind...
Track Name: yesterdaydreamer
let me pretend i'm daydreaming outside
with the trees swaying from side to side
and when the sunshine begins to hide
beyond the horizon, i will ride
far away

i feel i am floating on a cloud
and i am hoping i'll never be found
i never want to have to touch the ground
i will just reflect off of the sound

and when the sunshine begins to hide
beyond the horizon, i will ride
far away

everyday, i reflect with the stars
and of our sweet memories of mars
trying to place what beings we are
as we hang so brightly in the dark
like a star

and i am hoping i'll never be found
i will just reflect off of the sound
Track Name: the alien song (a cosmic lullaby)
i stare at the sky every day
waiting for them to take me away
they talk to me in waves through the phone
i just wish that they'd please take me home

where the sun always shines
within holographic skies
and where nothing ever dies
not even you or i,
my love...

i stare at the stars every night
knowing why they're blinking so bright
because that's their sun that always shines
and it will never, ever die

like everything we know
in this stupid, fucked up world
you would be happy and free
as cosmic debris, living with the aliens and me...
Track Name: believe
if you fly into the sky,
you might see the sunshine, bright
so bright, upon your eyes

if you look way deep inside,
in the sidestreets of your mind,
you might find something that shines

can you please open your mind?
i'm sure it's lonely inside
to hide
i can tell it's about time

and freedom is a state of mind
you can have it if you try
just believe,
and you can be whatever you want to be

speak your mind and live for peace
don't treat your friends like enemies
because if you do, karma will haunt you

live to love and love to live
giving what you have to give
and receive what you need
to be free

and believe...
Track Name: mystery st.
as you wander towards the stoplight,
the ghosts' shadows can embrace you
and taste you
as you walk the streets at midnight,
the ghosts' shadows can replace you
as they erase you
down here

where the sun always seems to fall
like your shadow down the hall
as it follows on the wall
and nothing is as it seems
as you're walking down mystery st.

where the lights always seem to go out
with your thoughts as you're nodding out
and behind your eye is a gleam
or maybe it is just a dream
living on mystery st.
Track Name: away in the sky
walking through the fog today,
i felt her shadow slip across my face
(away in the sky)
she mesmerizes everyone she meets
with her glassy gaze
(while we are away in the sky)

and i asked her when will be the next time
that i can gaze into her eyes
maybe it will be tonight
when we are away in the sky

sitting in the park today,
i saw the clouds begin to chase away
the rain in the sky
the sun was on a holiday
and because it was gone,
we drew the shades
(away in the sky)

and i asked myself, "will it ever come back?"
as i sit on this floor alone and laugh
because i think i'd much rather the night
if i was away in the sky

while the stars are up in the sky
i gaze into their twinkling eyes
and every night, i sleep at their side
and i dream myself away into the sky...
Track Name: lost inside
let me lie inside your mind
where lightning sometimes shines
and spend my time lost inside
your blacklight eyes

where lightning sometimes shines behind your eyes
like the glowing blackholes of your mind

i'll be tired for a while
with liquid twilight in my cries
while the flying saucers hide
behind the nightlights of your skies

where lightning sometimes strikes behind your eyes
i'm so very tired, i will lie
beside the space-like spiders of your mind
and i will sleep within the black holes lost inside
your mind

where lightning sometimes shines,
i spend my time lost inside your mind...